Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The iPad Cam-Case

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Although still a concept, the Cam-Case is a solution to those of you who were disappointed by the lack of a camera in Apple's iPad.
"Chet’s cam-case is a concept, but we see no reason why such a thing couldn’t work: Apple lets add-on GPS units talk to apps as if they were built-in, so why not this? Clean up that design and I’d buy one right away."   wired
"Chet Rosales has come up with a wow iPad case, really! It won’t be an overstatement to call it the best iPad case by far, once it evolves from just a concept to a real product."   techfemina
Not only does the iPad Cam-Case fully protect the iPad, but it also sports a webcam that rotates for taking photos and participating in video calls (i.e. via Facetime & Skype App). The camera is located in the corner which works well for landscape or portrait viewing and the rubber-plastic case encloses an extra-battery supply and provides a better grip when handling the device. The bottom half of the durable case slides into place and connects with the dock connector supplying the camera-case with power. A built-in port is located on the bottom of the case for docking and charging purposes.

As of now Apple doesn't support third party devices such as webcams... So unless you want to jailbreak your iPad, this design may stay a concept... (we'll see)

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Anonymous said...

Great idea.
Someone should put this concept into production. One criticism would be to have the camera stationary. Less moving parts would make it cheaper and less likely to break. Otherwise great solution!

Anonymous said...

I really like how the case plugs into the iPad's dock connector making the unit as 'one' unit running off of the same power source.
It would be great it 'Skype' produced this Case along with an App that worked with it.

Wonderful Idea!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful concept and well thought out! I would love to have this for my iPad. :)

Anonymous said...

pretty amazing design. I like how the case could also contain an external battery. Slick overall!!!!

Colin said...

where can i get one

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