Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Guy With Metal Detector Finds $1 Million in Roman Coins...

I guess there is a future in combing the grounds with a metal detector... at least that was the case for Dave Crisp, a British Hospital Chef. He and his metal detector discovered 52,000 Roman bronze and silver coins dating back from 253 - 293 AD...!
The hoard contains 766 coins bearing an image of the Roman general Marcus Aurelius Carausius, who ruled Britain independently from AD 286 to AD 293 and was the first Roman emperor to strike coins in Britain.
Crisp, who describes himself as a "metal detectorist," unearthed the pot in April, although the discovery was officially announced on Thursday. Crisp told CNN he would have to split the value of the find with the farmer who owns the field in which he discovered the treasure. 

....I have feeling I'm going to be seeing more people with metal detectors on the beach and in the parks this year.

via cnn

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