Thursday, July 29, 2010

Future Nissan Cars Will Spray Vitamin C to Keep Passengers Healthy

I'm not sure if I want this added feature in my next car...
Nissan announced new features that they are adding to their next generation cars.
Within the next two to three years, new Nissans will come with anti-collision radar technology; comfy "easy chair" seats designed by NASA, which are intended to improve blood flow; and air conditioners that spritz passengers with vitamin C, which helps prevent skin damage and wrinkles. They will also have air purifiers designed by Sharp and smart speedometers that will remind drivers of upcoming anniversaries and birthdays, lest the driver forget.
Nissan hopes to capitalize on growing driver desire for value-added technology, the carmaker says. Cars are more than modes of transport, Nissan engineer Kenichi Tanaka explains: "The emotional aspect of a car has become increasingly important as customer needs diversify," he told AFP. 
Really Nissan? Is this necessary? How about a car that get's kick-ass gas mileage instead? Hhhmmmm...The last thing I want is getting sprayed in the face while driving down the interstate.

via popsci

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