Friday, July 9, 2010

Discovery: Tiny Black Hole Blowing a Gigantic Fiery Bubble.

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Here is another amazing discovery in space.
The ESO's Very Large Telescope, with help from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory, has found the most powerful pair of jets ever witnessed ejecting from a small, stellar-sized black hole. But while the black hole (by black hole standards, anyhow) is small enough to be classified a microquasar, the jets are anything but tiny, sufficiently powerful to spawn a giant, fiery gas bubble 1,000 light years across. The gas bubble is twice as large and tens of times more intense than gas bubbles associated with other microquasars. The gas bubble feeds on the collimated jets emanating from the black hole, which pump fast moving particles into the interstellar gas surrounding the black hole. As that gas heats up and expands, the bubble inflates at a rate of nearly 621,000 miles per hour.
The discoveries made in space are awe inspiring to say the least...and we have to marvel at the technology and tools we humans have created to just steal a glimpse.

via popsci

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