Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Devoto House.

This beautiful Argentina house called the Devoto House was designed by AndrĂ©s Remy Arquitectos in 2009.
The pool was a key element in the design and has an interesting story behind it. Apparently it used to be closer to the living room but there was too much shade from the home, so the designers moved it to the far corner where there was ample sunlight. However, it was again shaded by the tall security fence. The only way to keep it in direct sunlight all the time was to raise it. Unfortunately, this meant that it wouldn’t be able to be viewed from the first floor rooms. But, the architects didn’t accept that and created a partial glass wall so that you could see the water from just about everywhere in the home. The living, kitchen and dining rooms expose the garden that penetrates all the volumes in the house. The spaces distort the conventional plans of an urban house. The stone wall guides the inhabitant within the house, therefore, the rough texture of the streets are soften by the water that flows down the stone wall, a walk that is colored by the different qualities the water gives the space.

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