Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Chart Explaining The Dream Levels of Inception.

---  SPOILER ALERT!!  --
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My wife and I watched Christopher Nolan's latest movie Inception this weekend and it has to be one of the best and most complex movies we've seen in a long time and the perfect follow-up to his 2008 film The Dark Knight.
Inception puts you in the action to where you are lost in the thrills and spills as the characters dive deeper into the layers of dreams... I would have to admit it got tricky in keeping up with the dream layers, but hope fully this chart by San Fran's John Duran on DesignDisco will help explain things. This chart visually breaks down the dream layers in the movie outlining the characters and their involvement in bright beautiful colors... This is of course subject to DesignDisco's own interpretations and not the film makers.
...What are you thoughts?

...I'm gonna have to watch this one again!


chet rosales said...

...could Cobb have been dreaming the whole time?
there was a scene in the beginning where cobb spins his totem on a bathroom sink, but saito interrupts him before he can confirm his reality. this happened waaay in the beginning of the film. could he have been in a dream constructed by saito in which an 'idea' of freedom and seeing his kids again was planted in HIM?!
...I guess I'll have to see it again to confirm this.

Anonymous said...

I think Cobb was the recipient of the inception (idea) all along.

CharBee said...

ever see the film Jacobs Ladder... creepy thing bout vietnam vets and drugs... quite the bender of its time... logical grandaddy to Inception.

gotta see it again too...

Anonymous said...

Alright saw it again...
I think Ariadne created a new world for Cobb at the end of the movie right before the final kick.
Clues: After Arthur asked about him, Ariadne calmly and reasurringly said he'll be 'Okay'... Ariadne is the only one who knows how his Totem really works... Ariadne is the only one that knows Cobbs father (her teacher) to visually bring him in at the LA Airport, she is the only one who has seen the interior of his home to build it..... After all she is the 'Architect'.

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

And if so, she must keep sleeping with Cobb, because if she wakes up the Cobbs dream will crash down.

So, I think Cobb is in the reality at the end.

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