Friday, July 16, 2010

Brammo's Empulse Electric Motorcycle.

Introducing the electric motorcycle by Brammo called the Empluse. Starting at under $10,000 the Empulse will be offered in three different models: 6.0, 8.0 and 10.0. The different models indicate the average range of the bike (6.0 = 60 mile, 8.0 = 80 miles and 10.0 = 100 miles). Not only does this bike charge using a standard 110 outlet, but you can save an additional 10% off the sticker price in federal and state tax rebates...
The Empulse is a radical departure from the Enertia, indicated by the way the company is promoting the thing. When we test rode that first bike Brammo reps were a little cagey about its top speed, initially indicating it would be limited to 50mph but later saying it'd do over 60 if you pushed it. With the Empulse they're making no bones about its 100 mph+ top speed. That's hardly world-class in the world of motorcycles, but in the world of electric motorcycles it's a definite rarity.

Although the Empulse won't be available until next summer, with a refundable deposit you can get on a waiting list. Come summer of 2011, you can ride the roads with the air in your hair and water-cooled electric cells between your legs...

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