Monday, July 12, 2010

A 24 Car Musical Instrument in the Desert...

Next time you find yourself in the middle of the desert with 24 cars, a keyboard, a guy named Gary Numan, 1,000 feet of cable and an extra DieHard battery... you can do what Syyn Labs and Zoo films did for a DieHard battery commercial - create a huge musical instrument!
Over three days in the desert, a team of six engineers worked on 24 cars and removed the batteries from each. Instead, they connected them all together to a central computer and a keyboard. The horns inside the cars were removed and instead an MP3 player was connected to the each car’s speaker. The entire set-up was hooked to one DieHard battery. As Numan hit each key on his keyboard, the software turned on the lights and sound for the corresponding car. It activated the speaker in that car so the MP3 player would blare out the right note for just a few seconds...

 Pretty cool idea.... now who the hell is Gary Numan....??

via wired

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