Thursday, June 10, 2010

Military's Goo-Guns

This is NOT a picture of giant attacking worms, in fact it is the US Military's attempt at developing a Goo-Gun that fires a sticky foam that disables the mobility of the target. After many failed attempts of making the sticky foam harden fast enough to stop a running attacker....the realization of the concept faded in time. Perhaps the idea could be used on moving vehicles. The sticky foam could potentially stop a suicide driver or a run-away vehicle.
In theory, the foam would "instantly disable" the oncoming vehicle by clogging up the engine intakes and blocking the steering mechanism. The foam would absorb the vehicle’s kinetic energy, bringing it to a stop. "Lastly," the company says, it "will leave the driver trapped inside an encapsulated vehicle, with no means of orientation." The system could be tripped automatically (through pressure sensors or light barriers) or by remote control. It’s one of a bunch of new technologies being floated for stopping a runaway (or suicide) truck.
This is a pretty cool weapon concept either way. I'm imagining soldiers firing these goo-canons at vehicles and enemy troops....the very thought would make Spider-Man proud.

via wired

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