Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Skypark Hotel: Infinity Pool 55-Stories High...! (6pics)

This 650-foot high infinity pool is not for those who are afraid of heights...

Next time time your in Singapore, you have to check out the new $6-billion dollar addition the the already beautiful skyline that opened back in 2010, the Marina Bay Sands Skypark hotel. With 2,560 rooms with a price tag starting at around $400+ per night the hotel/resort destination may be worth the visit... 

The price tag of $6 billion over shadows Abu Dhabi's Emirates Palace Hotel of only $3 billion to become the worlds most expensive hotel (of its time).
The pool (650-ft high) is three times the length of an Olympic-sized pool, and is the largest pool in the world at that height reportedly. The pool runs across three of the hotel's towers, which feature indoor canals, casinos, shops, theaters and a museum. As well as the hotel rooms you'd expect. Don't expect to be staying here on your next visit to Singapore though, as entrance to the casino alone costs $70. Apparently the casino charge is only to residents of Singapore, whose government wishes to deter them from gambling. Foreigners can enter the casino for free—though to look off the observation deck, that'll cost $20. 
Congratulations Singapore, in creating another amazing feat of architecture that is juuuusst out of my price range to ever stay at... 

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