Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hiro III Lets You 'Feel' 3D Virtual Objects.

The Hiro III is another cool little device that allows you to touch a virtual object (via haptic feedback) displayed on the monitor by feeling the texture of the surface as well as the size, shape and weight...! And of course you perverts out there are thinking how this will be implemented with the porn industry...Yes, I'm talking about YOU.
Other practical uses for the Hiro III would be in the medical industry in which surgeons can better control surgery robots with greater accuracy as well as product designers using the device to hold and manipulate their designs virtually before they are physically produced. 
The HIRO III requires that you strap your fingertips into a robot hand, which has fingers that simulate the texture of real surfaces to provide a sense of weight to your on-screen interactions. For example, if you're running your hand across a jagged surface, the HIRO III will appropriately recreate that feeling. When combined with a 3-D display, the experience should be quite immersive.
Check out the video below...

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