Friday, June 11, 2010

The Best iPad Cases (in my opinion).

So the Apple iPad has been out and has had much success selling over 2 million devices in two months time. The smooth durable glass front and slick metal back is much admired, so why would anyone want to cover it up...? Well for different reason such as:  protection from scratches on back metal surface, shock protection from drops, better gripping surface, personalization and extra pockets for storage.
I personally have used the Apple iPad Folio Case on my iPad. Although Apple made an excellent case, one has to wonder what else is out there? Below is a list of iPad Cases that caught my eye for style, design and practicality.


Personally speaking this is a solid case for $39.95. Pretty self explanatory from the photo illustrating the different viewing positions it offers. The folio-style design offers excellent case protection with an easy flip-open cover.
With a soft microfiber interior and reinforced panels to provide structure, the iPad Case is the perfect way to carry around your iPad. And it does double duty. It folds in just the right places to act as a stand that holds iPad at an ideal angle for watching videos and slideshows or for typing on the onscreen keyboard.


This case caught my eye because not only is it a slip style case, it also is a folio as well. Most slip cases close with a zipper, The Express closes easy with a magnet. Retail at $34.05.
The Apple iPad is sleek and sexy, so your iPad case should be too. Created out of a black ballistic nylon, the Express is a splash-resistant; the perfect basic for a minimalistic mindset; simply slide your iPad into this case and you're good to go! Express iPad cases feature a side opening magnetic enclosure to keep your iPad safe and secure in transit.


The Incipio Feather Case is all about slim and light. The only protection that it gives is to prevent the back from scratching. Also it provides a better grip to the otherwise slippery back surface. Retailing for $34.95, the Feather Case is for the one that doesn't want the bulk of a typical 'Folio' case. This case is slim enough to still work with the Apple iPad dock and would also pair well with The Express Case by Case-Mate.
Measuring less than 1mm thin, feather is ideal for the user seeking inconspicuous, first-class protection. Feather is made of an ultra light, ultra strong polymer for light as a feather, form-fitting durable protection without the added bulk. 


The DODO Case is on the top of my list. Retailing for $49.95, the DODO Case is handcrafted from bamboo and has a folio cover that feels and handles just like an actual book. When flipped over the case props the iPad at an angle for better viewing and typing while in landscape mode. This case is perfect for someone that really appreciates detail-oriented handcrafted design and craft... unfortunately you have to pay for it with it's higher price. Also, be prepared to wait in line because they are currently back-ordered due to popularity.
The limited first edition iPad DODOcase is inspired by the Moleskine journals of our favorite artists. Made by hand in San Francisco, California using traditional book binding techniques, the DODOcase brings a classic look to protecting your iPad. A perfect blend of the traditional feel of a book with the technological power of the iPad.


With the Clamcase one has to wonder, why not just get a laptop?
Eitherway, this case will make you not look like a total dork at the local coffee house. The hard exterior case offers three different viewing positions as well as a built in blue-tooth keyboard. If you are totally interested in this case it is not yet available... you can read more about it on their website:


The video above is a review of the Uncommon 'iPhone' Case. I included this video review because I imagine it would be similar to that of the iPad version (coming soon). This is the ultimate in personalization for your device. Also it would only set you back $40..... overall, that is a really great deal for being a custom job. Just send them your own original artwork and the turn around (for the iphone verison) is only one week....Lets hope the reviews for the iPad version is just as good!

Tom Bihn Ristretto Messenger Bag:


I thought I should add a carrying bag to the list as well. This messenger bag from Tom Bihn can carry your iPad in anyone of the cases I mentioned above along with your power adapter, bluetooth keyboard, business cards, extra cables, headphones, ect... The bag is stylish and practical as it carries many things within its many pockets.
The built-in interior padded compartment, located in the main compartment of the Ristretto, protects your laptop inside the bag. The padded compartment is made with .25" (6mm) open-cell foam laminated with durable 4 Ply Taslan® on the outside, and features an interior of super-soft brushed nylon. The back side of the Ristretto is padded with 1/4" closed cell foam. Your laptop is encased in padding from all sides. there is my list. Do you have any suggestions for iPad cases....?


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