Friday, May 28, 2010

USB Business Card

Because regular business cards are for poor people....

Designed by Ramiro Pareja Vereda, these USB Business cards will set you back about $6.00 per card. When you finally find that special person worth giving your card to, the recipient can plug your card into their USB port and get your resume, cover letter and portfolio easily. Just make sure you give them the right card, not the one with all those dirty photos on it....yeah, you know who you are. Vereda also states that these little cards have "...more CPU power than the computer that led man to the moon."

These cards may make you look original and from the future, but a cheaper route would have a regular business card with a link to a personal website with your info...after all whoever gets one of these will have to go to a computer to use it anyways, right?

Here are the specs:

  • 16 bits microcontroller PIC 24FJ64GB002 @ 32 MHz (16 MIPS)
  • 64 KB of Flash and 8KB of RAM. External SPI or I2C memory optional (up to 32MB)
  • Up to 11 digital I/Os available (Four of them tolerant to 5 volts)
  • Up to 4 analog channels.
  • ICSP port for debugging and programming. The 3 pins of the ICSP connector can be also used as GP I/Os.

via makezine geekosystem

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