Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The 'Swiss Fort Knox' to Keep Today's Data Safe.

I have old Floppy Discs and Zip Drives from college that I can't access, because my computer isn't set up to read this outdated tech. What if future archaeologists and scientists look back to study our time and try to read our media, how do we (today) ensure that they have the means to decipher our data...? Well turns out for the past four years scientists have been tunneling within the Swiss Alps to create what is now called the Swiss Fort Knox. The purpose of super-secure natural vault, is to ensure "long-term access to our digital cultural and scientific assets."
Today, four years after their project began, the Planets team deposited a capsule deep into the heart of the Swiss Fort Knox compound, containing punch-cards, microfilm, floppy discs, audio tapes, CDs, DVDs, USB and Blu Ray media. They wanted to give the researchers of the future everything they might need to reconstruct our media and salvage our histories, regardless of how different their technological landscape looks.

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