Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sony's EX3 prototype 3D camera

According to our friends at Engadget, the Panasonic 3D camcorder may not be the only 3D video camera on the market in the near future, introducing Sony's EX3 prototype video camera.
A trusted source just chimed in with some specs, and it's looking like Sony's basically just crammed the guts of two PMW-EX3 studio cams into a single shell for this prototype. That's not a bad thing: behind those proprietary hot-swappable lens cartridges are the same two three half-inch CMOS eyeballs that stream 4:2:0 MPEG-2 video at 1080p to SxS memory cards at 35Mbps per eye, or send uncompressed 4:4:4 footage over a new pair of HD-SDI outputs. Our source was pretty excited about how close together those eyes were, too -- he whispered something about an industry-first 1.5-inch interocular distance, before vanishing into the darkness without a word on price or availability.

via engadget

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