Friday, May 28, 2010

Printing Pills

Unknown to popular belief, "nearly 99.9 percent of the tablet is useless. Only a thousandth of a pill contains the active ingredients that are supposed to make you feel better."

What does printing pills mean exactly? Well, an article from Discovery describes it best:
Printing pills means literally printing the active ingredients of a medication onto the side of a tablet. To understand the concept of "printing," think of the active ingredients as tiny droplets that can be printed onto a surface the way ink is printed onto paper, but instead of paper, it's a tablet. That means pills could be individually made for each patient to fit their medical needs and one pill could potentially hold more than one type of medication.
Gone will be the days of pill boxes with an assortment of pills...soon all your meds will be printed on one easy to swallow custom printed tablet...!  yummy.

via discovery

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