Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Military RC Truck with Eight-Inch Rockets!

Israel's state-owned arms-maker, Rafael, may have the solution to those annoying roadside bombs. The solution is simple drive a remote controlled truck, the Pincher, equipped with dozens of eight-inch rockets to the scene and shoot the target before it shoots/attacks you! Measuring at just 50 square inches with pencil size missiles, the Pincher has an onboard camera and has a range of 100 feet.
According to Defense News' Barbara Opall-Rome each of the Pincher's micro-munitions is " a self-contained micro rocket with safety ignition, motor, warhead and safety fuse." The "pyrophoric warhead combusts once ignited to burn upon target penetration," which supposedly "eliminat[es] collateral damage often caused by traditional explosive systems."
....Okkaaayyy... In other words: the truck drives up to said target, fires rocket into target and blows it up.

via gizmodo

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