Monday, May 10, 2010

iPad vs. Netbook.

Now that the iPad is out with well over one million has to question which is the better purchase, the iPad or the Netbook? Both portable devices weren't meant to replace the work done on a laptop, so which one is better suited for emailing, games, Internet browsing and performing basic work? Of course there are the obvious differences between the two such as QWERTY keyboard, desktop OS, App Store, multitasking (iPad will have this feature this coming fall) and of course Flash. The following is a great breakdown of the two devices by cnet.

-Cheap, simple: "[The Netbook] fills a unique need for casual computer users who need a cheap, simple, portable computer [that] can perform any computer-related task. So...while the iPad is interesting, I don't see it filling a need for cheap, simple computers, which can do everything."
-Full keyboard: "At the end of the day, my Netbook goes to class with me. It has a full keyboard and Microsoft Office." And another reader: "A keyboard is the fundamental difference. Virtual keyboards just aren't as efficient in their current form as physical keyboards are. The iPad's solution, a separate keyboard module, is much less elegant than the integrated keyboard of laptops."
-Multitask: "I don't see the iPad replacing my Netbook when the iPad can't multitask. That means I can't get NZBs, use uTorrent, be on IRC, and have Trillian and Winamp running all while I use Firefox."
-More open: "If Apple would just drop the walled garden, I would say the iPad. Until then, Windows is more open than the iPhone/iPad OS. (Moreover), I can install Linux on a Netbook." And another reader said: "Personally, the app restrictions are quite insulting to me, as a programmer, so I would never buy an iPad (or an iPhone, for that matter.) But I understand that not everyone is a programmer, and an iPad might be more appealing to them."
-USB and connectors: "As a musician, USB, FireWire, and driver support means I can do work (i.e. recording, mixing, writing) on the road with a Netbook in ways that the iPad doesn't allow."
PC market is where it's at: "If you were to add up all the iPhones, Macs, and iPads ever sold, the total would not come remotely close to the PC market."
-Can't have both: "I would love to have both a Netbook and an iPad...But to be practical and with a constrained budget, I would start with a Netbook."

-Maps: "The Google Maps app, with GPS and [a] large screen, is fantastic. All I have to say to people who didn't try it: just check it out."
-Virtual keyboard is fine: "Once I got the iPad cover to have it tilt at a 45-degree angle, I actually noticed I typed faster on the iPad than my Netbook." And another reader: "Interestingly, by trusting the predictive spell-checking, I can type faster on the iPad than (the) Netbook."
-Better travel companion/entertainment: "The iPad fits in perfectly as a lightweight, mobile platform for e-mail and Web access, as well as remote access to my servers while I'm on the move in a package the same size as the Day-Timer (that) I used to carry. It's also much more pleasant to use when traveling for entertainment and document review than my laptop, and more functional than my iPhone. This is the perfect in-between device for me."
-Like the controlled-app environment: "I like the idea of the controlled apps--and there are so many of them to select. My main loves are the touch interface and the power-up speed." And another reader said: "That 'closed' App Store has more apps and games than any mobile platform...How is that closed?"
-Flash not that important, anyway: "I think Flash is in trouble...I am able to watch shows from major networks (on the iPad). (But) if you're a FarmVille (game) addict, then you will need Flash."
-Try it; you'll like it: "I think many of the people who favor the Netbook have not used the iPad...for any length of time. With numerous desktops and laptops in our house and at work, I bought an iPad...You don't have to be computer-illiterate to appreciate a well-designed, user-friendly device...The iPad is different from a Netbook. Neither are appropriate for real computer work, but for using the Internet, mail, games, and/or light computing, the iPad is the better choice."

via cnet

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