Monday, April 5, 2010

So...I got an iPad.

So, I got an Apple iPad this opening weekend AKA my birthday weekend, and what do I think so far..?
Some may say it is just a large iPod Touch, but after using it for a while, it is a bit more. The real decision maker is with the App store. On opening day the App store had over 1000 Apps available with thousands more to come. I'm looking forward in seeing  more work related Apps that can be done on a larger screen oppose to the small iPhone display. I also found that Pogo has a stylus that can be used on the iPad for creative illustration apps as well as handwriting recognition apps. I was also pleased that the onscreen touch keyboard was easy and comfortable to use with keys just as large as a regular keyboard (in landscape mode). Luckily the iPad can be paired with a bluetooth keyboard when longer typing is required. Web pages in Safari open up and render super fast...I was surprised. The iPad is really comfortable to hold and use on your lap....I was questioning it's comfortability, but it is just like holding a magazine.
So far Apple's new device is living up to the hype. It won't be replacing any laptop, but for quick web surfing and movie watching it is top notch.  Either way, I'll be checking the App store for more practical apps that will surely make the iPad a winner...

(this post was done on my iPad!)

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