Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Real-Life SuperHeroes....?!

The movie Kick Ass opened this past weekend. This film is about regular people that dress up in costume to fight crime...unbeknownst to popular belief, there is a community of 'real-life' superheroes roaming our streets world wide for the past decade.
These superheroes, over 300 and counting, are even registered on: www.worldsuperheroregistry.com
These crime fighters are equipped with legal weapons such as pepper spray, tasers, cell phone and foul language... They have an oath to protect the innocent and help the homeless...(see video) Apparently the police are okay with this and the irony is that that law enforcement are more worried for the heroes safety than the criminals...

Turns out Milwaukee even has its own superhero, The Watchman...

I found it funny that the video shows The Watchman patrolling downtown Milwaukee's east side. I lived in downtown Milwaukee for 15 years and nothing ever happens there. I would like to see him walk around in that costume near 30th and North Ave to fight crime.
....either way I don't feel any safer.

via  YouTube

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