Thursday, April 1, 2010

The pCubee: An Interactive 3-D Box Display

What is a pCubee..?? Well it is a hand-held interactive digital video cube..! duh...
The pCubee is a cube that fits right in your hand and features five flat-panel LCD screens. The screens all work together, displaying the same image but from different angles; when you turn the cube, the displays appear to show you items “inside” the cube that you’re interacting with.
The pCubee lets you not only turn the device over and over to watch little cows or other objects bounce around endlessly... you can play games on it, too. Navigate through landscapes or mazes by tilting the cube, or even interact with objects on the screen via a stylus.

Pretty interesting, it looks like a futuristic Snow Globe/Rubik's Cube thingy.... Plans for production or pricing are not yet known.

via gajitz

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