Thursday, April 8, 2010

iPad -or- HP Slate

Should the iPad be worried about the upcoming HP Slate and which one is the better deal?

...The HP Slate does have an advantage in the specs listed above....but what people aren't getting is that the MacTablet (iPad) isn't trying to be a computer or a netbook. It's not trying to do the things at the level of a laptop. What the iPad is trying to do is appeal to the public as an easy-to-use reader device, whether it is a book, magazine or internet surfing. It is advertised and marketed as a portable device that you can hold in your hand, handle and read like a magazine. It's in a different category altogether and shouldn't be compared to the capabilities of laptops or smart phones.

So yes, I agree that the HP Slate has more ports to plug in wires and a camera to take photos....but it really defeats the purpose of having an ultra-portable device such as a Tablet/Pad when you have wires and plugs coming out of it....also why have a camera on it? Do you really want to hold the iPad or HP Slate up to take photos when a mobile phone or digital camera is more convenient...? Although I would have to admit a forward facing camera for video calling would be pretty cool for the iPad. Another thing to add is that the HP Slate doesn't have the vast availability of Apps in the iTunes App Store. On opening day for the iPad there were 1,000 apps available. Less than a week later there were over 3,500... App developers will be taking advantage of the larger screen to bring us more apps that the smaller iPhone screen could offer. The Slate is priced starting at $549 and the iPad starts at $499. I'm curious which one is better for the money...

If someone wanted all the features on the above list....why get the iPad -or- HP Slate...they should get a laptop instead...!

I think the real new kid on the block that they both need to worry about is the Microsoft Courier Tablet...coming soon.


Anonymous said...

Agreed. Well said.

Anonymous said...

It's funny to see people rip on the iPad for not doing what a computer can do!
Hello, it's a Tablet Reader! Not a laptop replacement!

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