Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sony's 3DTVs

Now that everyone has watched the movie Avatar, the next logical step is to buy a 3D flat screen for your home... Come June 10th, Sony will be the first to release their 3D televisions to the public and other companies such as Samsung and Panasonic will follow. Sony's LX900 model (shown above) will come in 40, 46, 52, 60 inch. The most popular size, 46" will set you back $3,900. These sets will come with two sets of 3D glasses included. Additional glasses will cost you $133 each. The sets are LED-backlit LCD panels with people sensors...
Already Sony's making the bold claim that they'll be much cheaper than Panasonic's 3DTV sets 
It'll be comprised of four models, all with the Intelligent People Sensors, which adjusts the sound and brightness depending on where people are sitting. It builds on the VE5 TVs launched last year, which could detect when you leave the room, so the TV turns off automatically.
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Anonymous said...

I'll think I'll wait a few years. the price is way too high for something that might end up being a short lived trend.

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