Monday, March 1, 2010

Portable Wind Generator

The Eolic, a foldable wind powered generator was designed by Marcos Madia, Sergio Ohashi and Juan Manuel Pantano. Not only is this ultra light device perfect for disaster areas without power, it also solves my dilemma of powering my 50" flatscreen and Blu-ray player when I'm camping... in all seriousness, this power generator would be a perfect fit in getting power back to the people of Chile and our troops overseas.
The Eolic can be folded up into just one package, this means there are no loose bits to go missing when it is being transported from one place to another. Constructed out of ultra light weight materials such as aluminium and carbon fiber, the generator is a portable and simple system to use. In addition, as it can be folded into a relativly small bundle it also saves on space. The Eolic can be extended up by its telescopic pole which has three section to it, to achieve a decent height to take advantage of the wind. It should take only two or three men to unfold the Eolic and get it into a functioning state.
 The one piece construction of lightweight aluminum and carbon fiber, makes this generator easy to set up just by simply unfolding and extending (similar to setting up a camera tri-pod). Portable devices like this can be easily carried out into remote areas by our troops, aide in disaster areas and even give power to the mountain climbers at base camp!

via ecofriend

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