Thursday, March 4, 2010

Motorcycle Airbag System

The D-Air air bag system is in a line of safety features for motorcycle racing. Designed by Dainese, after 10 years of study and testing, this wearable device was used for the first time during the Grand Prix race in Velencia by racer Marco Simoncelli
This new era of safety provides the rider airbag protection for the shoulders, neck and collarbone. The best part of this system is that is is worn by the rider and is totally self contained without any connections to the bike. By the use of high tech accelerometers and gyroscopes, when triggered (in video below), the D-Air inflates an airbag in 40 milliseconds! As of now this sophisticated protective gear is designed exclusively for professional racers with hopes for one day providing to the everyday riders on our public roadways.

via webbikeworld

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