Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Introducing the Parrot AR.Drone. This iPhone controlled quadricopter was introduced at CES back in January. I don't know about you....but this thing is pretty cool and is on my 'want' list.

The AR.Drone is controlled via a WiFi link to an iPhone or iPod touch, but it also has some particularly complex onboard intelligence.  Two cameras – one looking at the ground and one looking forward – are used to not only beam real-time footage back to the user, but also for the autopilot system.  When you’ve got just one unit that’s used for object avoidance and stability, but when you’ve got two it makes dogfights more challenging.
The video above shows two Drones dogfighting... don't think you need two of these and a friend to have fun. The Parrot software can create virtual Augmented Reality games and enemies shown on your iPhone screen for you to battle against. Pricing and availability date not yet known.

via slashgear

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