Thursday, March 18, 2010

Humans Could Regenerate Tissue Like Newts

Wouldn't it be great if we could grow back tissue, regenerate a limb or even heal a flesh wound without scarring...? This maybe another day for a Newt or a Flatworm, it could be possible that humans had this trait all along. research suggests the ability to regenerate isn't based on something newts and flatworms have that we don't; rather, it's something we do have that's keeping us from regenerating tissues. Researchers think a gene called p21 may control regenerative healing, and that by switching it off, humans could perform our own regeneration.
Test have been performed on lab mice (of course). These mice had tissue surgically removed and holes punched in their ears (similar to tagging animals). When their p21 gene was 'turned off', their tissues grew back and everything healed with no trace of surgery or scar tissue damage. Before you think you can team up with Wolverine and the Heroes Cheerleader, you must remember that with every good story there are side effects, in this case it is 'rampant' cell division that would lead to cancer. (read more on the link)

via popsci

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