Monday, March 1, 2010

Cruise Ship Island

Jules Verne wrote of a large floating island powered by propellers in his novel L'Ile à hélice. Jules called it Standard Island, a humongous 27 kilometer square property that is capable of supplying its own food and water to millionaires traveling on a permanent vacation on the Pacific Ocean. Well for now, the idea is still a dream and a concept being visualized by the French company Alstom Marine and the architect Jean-Philippe Zoppini. Their self propelled island called the AZ Island, is 400m x 330m, 29 stories high and would accommodate 10,000 passengers! It will also have it's own commuter rail, lagoon and yacht harbor. "Just like a regular cruise ship, there will be shops, theaters, bars, casinos, and other entertainment centers." It's basically a large island city set out on a permanent cruise.
Such a vessel could be a cruise ship, which never returns to port, following the sun from one tourist destination to the next. Alternatively, it could be marketed as a time-share holiday resort or permanent off-shore home for stateless billionaires, setting out to a different part of the globe when taxes, or terrorism, threatened.
Interesting idea, this is right up there with the man-made islands of Dubai except with propulsion...! One of the things holding back this 2002 concept into reality are finding investors for the 2 billion dollar project.  If and when this project goes underway, it is comforting to know that the insanely rich will have a place to retreat to when they feel threatened...

via independent

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