Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Children Ride the Zip Line to School Every Day

The stories of 'walking to school uphill both ways in the snow' by our parents don't compare to how the children in Colombia get to school.
About 40 miles southeast of Bogota, the zip line is the transport of choice to school for some families. 1,300 ft above the Rio Negro, the 40 mph ride along a steel cable and rusty pulley system along a 1/2 mile ride is just another day for 9 year-old, Daisy Mora.
German explorer Alexander von Humboldt was the first Westerner to observe the unusual rope system in 1804. They were traditionally made of hemp, but steels cables were installed with the advent of logging in the surrounding rainforest. When this was made illegal settlers turned their hand to farming and cattle raising.Today, the cables are still the only transport available to those living in the area.


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This just shows what we all take for granted. Incredible.

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