Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Behold: The iPad Nano...!!

Apple really out did themselves again. It's hard to believe that they fit all the technology of the iPad into something so small and portable in the iPad Nano! Just like the iPad, the Nano has an outstanding iPod built-in along with a breakthrough internet device. The Nano also has access to thousands of Apps on the App store, but like the larger counterpart it lacks a camera, multi-tasking and Flash....nevermind, it's in iPod Touch afterall...

....I really hope the iPad gets some serious software upgrades to compete with the highly anticipated Microsoft Courier Tablet. Other things Apple and/or third party providers have to pull through (to name a few) are a Bluetooth Stylus and Apps that are practical such as Adobe CS, Microsoft Office and other business/design oriented Apps... The iPad  should have other purposes other than 'surfing the web' on a 9.75" screen. Now that most people carry smart phones, I don't see the advantages in carrying around another/larger device just to surf the internet. A question to ask is, "What can the iPad offer me that an iPod Touch cannot?" The only answer I can think of is the large screen and another Data plan with the 3G version...

I am a long time Apple fan, but I cringe in knowing the inevitability of pointless Apps such as the iFart App.... I guess we'll see on April 3rd.  (with fingers crossed)
What are your thoughts...??

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Anonymous said...

my iPad Nano makes phone calls.

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