Thursday, March 18, 2010

Apple's mission to 'Kill' Cable TV...

Apple's iPad is rolling out on April 3rd and if you haven't gotten your pre-order in you better wait in line! The Cupertino company is marketing the iPad a beautiful 'reader' device for books, newspapers and magazines on it's gorgeous 9.75" color screen. What most people don't know is that for a while now Apple has also been working on a deal with Top Cable Companies to offer services through iTunes to sell TV shows for $.99 an episode and $30 monthly subscriptions (Hit the links below for more in depth details). Apple hopes to get everybody on board for the iPad launch in a few weeks to make this iTunes subscription a 'Cable TV' killing feature.

Personally this is a nice move by Apple. Currently you can purchase a TV show through iTunes for $2.99 an episode, but a $.99 per episode price sounds a lot better. I think this sounds more like a Netflix killer than a Cable killer. I personally don't see this iTunes subscription killing off cable, but using it with an AppleTV box on the flat screen at home could really be a strong rival against Netflix and Hulu. It would also revive the current dwindling AppeTV sales. Having your iTune TV show subscriptions on a portable device like the iPad would be a bonus for the couch potato on the go... and just may push the people on the fence into waiting in line to get one.

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