Thursday, March 4, 2010

Adobe Creative Suite App for iPad...?

With the iPad coming out in less than a month, I am still on the fence whether or not to be next in line. There are many features that were anticipated or 'expected' to be on the device that are absent, such as Flash and a Webcam to name a few. Since the iPad is basically a 'large iPod Touch' perhaps the App store will be its savior.
One App that I would like to see is an Adobe Creative Suite, especially Illustrator and Photoshop. Not only would it be an advantage over the Netbook market, but the larger display and ultra portability of the device would be great for designers on the go. Why wouldn't this be a great idea? Apple has their iWork Apps and Microsoft may be creating a Microsoft Office App made for the iPad.
There is one thing that turns me off of creating designs on the iPad and that would be the finger gestures. I can already see the fumbling, mistakes and frustration that would be had trying to design a logo or webpage with finger swipes. Ones solution could be with the built-in Bluetooth. The iPad is compatible with the bluetooth why not have a bluetooth Stylus pen? Problem solved! This idea could also pair the iPad + Stylus combo with your desktop for a 'Wacom-like' experience.
The iPad is another Apple product that brings fan-boys/girls to their knees, but really it's just a 'large' iPod Touch! Let's hope that the App Store will provide some really practical Apps such as this one and I really hope that my previous post about the hidden camera is true too! (not holding my breath on that one)....

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