Friday, February 26, 2010

Wristwatch with Laser Hands...!!

There's something about adding lasers to something to make it even cooler. That's the case with the Aurora Watch designed by Jihun Yeom. Still as a conceptual design, this watch uses a touch sensitive bevel edge to activate a red laser for the minutes and a blue one for the hour...I guess I'll have to wait a while until I get one of these.

via gizmodo


jrexgis said...

wow.. truly amazing watch. i saw a wall clock once projected from a far. almost the same concept but still distinct.

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chet rosales said...

@jrexgisI agree it is incredible. I like how there isn't a face on the watch, but instead a negative space...
If you like this watch, check out this wall clock called the 'Shadow Clock'.

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