Friday, February 5, 2010

Turbine Light Illuminates Highways With Wind

Pretty interesting concept of harvesting the wind produced by passing traffic. This is a great idea considering they don't take up any more space than the light posts all ready do. One has to find the irony in this whole thing. The pollution-producing vehicles spin these turbines creating 'green' energy to power the lights... (shaking my head)

"TAK’s wind-powered light uses the moving air from cars zipping by on the highway to generate energy that can be used to power roadside lighting. It’s a controversial idea–could wind from passing cars actually provide enough power for lighting?–but one that has the potential to save lots of cash in already wind-heavy regions. Alternatively, cities might consider using solar-powered lights instead. The idea has been proven to work many times over, including at the recent COP15 climate change conference."

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