Friday, February 12, 2010

Transcend Ski Goggles with built-in HUD...!

...These goggles are pretty slick and available this coming fall! Similar to the same tech used in the fighter pilot helmets, these snowboarding/skiing goggles will make you own the mountain!
Imagine having the visual technology of GPS, speed, stats, music, weather reports, trail mapping and more as you navigate the tight turns of high altitude terrain right from your own ski goggles! ...but first I have to get my @ss off the couch.... (don't judge)

These Zeal Recon Transcend Ski Goggles display GPS, speed, altitude and more in real time. Available this fall for between $350 and $450, Transcend goggles are a partnership between two companies: Zeal Optics and Recon Instruments. The result is a pair of goggles that contain hardware to measure speed, altitude, time, temperature and GPS coordinates—a slew of information that's displayed through a HUD. Charging and data transfer occurs over USB. Buttons on the side of the goggles will allow you to scan through information on the ski lift, which will be especially useful as Transcend gains additional promised functions, including trail maps, cellphone display integration and video recording.

via gizmodo

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i want one. thanks!

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