Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Working out to create Electricity!

This is something that I think of every time I go to the gym to sculpt my rock solid abs... I find it very surprising that this concept hasn't been brought to reality sooner.

"Many of us have been to the gym and wondered why the exercise equipment isn’t hooked up to generate electricity and feed it back into the grid. At long last a company in Florida called ReRev has answered our calls, converting existing elliptical machines into sources of power. Now when you hit the gym, you can burn off those calories while creating some renewable energy for a carbon negative workout."

When you work out on standard exercise equipment in the gym, all of the kinetic energy you generate is completely wasted on the machine. It’s certainly not a new idea to transform that kinetic energy into electrical energy, but up until recently nothing was commercially available. ReRev’s system easily converts existing equipment into power generating machines, so when you step on and start moving, most of your energy generates DC power. The DC power is then sent to an AC converter and then sent to the grid."    inhabitat

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Anonymous said...

Great Idea!
Other things that could be implemented to generate power could be: Revolving doors, Wind produced within Sub-Way tunnels and water traveling in Rain Gutters - to name a few.

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