Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Oregon will be home to America's first 'Wave Power Farm'

With renewable energy becoming more in the public eye with wind and solar power, it only makes sense that the next big step is harnessing the energy of waves and with the planet being mostly water, this idea is just as good. Ocean Power Technologies are installing ten buoys along the coast of Reedsport, Oregon. These buoys will harness the energy of the waves in motion to generate power for hundreds of homes becoming America's first Wave Power Farm!
Each buoy will measure about 150 feet tall by 40 feet wide and weigh in at about 200 tons. A float on each craft rises and falls with the rolling of the waves, driving an attached plunger’s up-and-down movement. A hydraulic pump then converts that movement into a spinning motion, which drives an electric generator. The electricity produced by the generator moves from sea to land via submerged cables. Right now, developers are finishing up construction on the first buoy, and it will take about 60 million big ones to finish up all ten. Once the entire system is in place, about 400 homes will derive their power from Oregon’s coastal waters.
News stories like this one makes the future a brighter place...

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