Monday, February 15, 2010

How 3-D Works

With the popularity of 3-D becoming mainstream (thanks to Avatar), it would be only appropriate to explain how 3-D works. The following is from explaining how Anaglyph (red/blue glasses), Polarized glasses and Parralax Barrier (no glasses) works.
Watching Avatar with the Polarized glasses made me think why they replaced the red/blue glasses... Are they more cost effective to produce or are they just to make you look not as 'dorky' when you wear them?
I found it interesting to see the 'No Glasses' option and wonder how the technology may work their way into our TV's at home. Question:  Do you have to sit directly in front of the TV for this to work?? Either way, who knows if 3-D is just a trend that will go away or if it is here to stay as the stepping stone to the Holographic TV...

...Until then grab a pen and paper and educate yourself in 3-D technology!

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via onlineschools

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