Monday, February 22, 2010

The Cooler Beach Chair

Someone finally did it...They combined my two favorite things...'sitting' and 'drinking'.

For $60, you can own a camping chair with a built-in cooler and magazine holder in the seat. This sure beats sitting on an actual cooler...minus the cold glass bottles poking you in the butt. This fancy piece of furniture comes in two colors, Green and navy. If it came in Mohair, I would pick two of these up tomorrow...!

One turn off is that whoever is sitting on this automatically becomes the 'Beer B!+c#'. Don't bother getting comfortable, because you'll be getting up every two minutes to get someone a beer... And the irony in this whole thing is that when you do get comfortable sitting in this chair at the beach, your closest thing to an ottoman is an actual Cooler...!

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