Thursday, February 18, 2010

Aspiral Analog Clocks Use a Ball Instead of Hands

This is a pretty cool take on the traditional clock by Aspiral Clocks. Instead of relying on the rotating dials of a minute and hour hand, this clock uses a small ball that rolls along 'time' as the face of the clock spins. The designers, Will Aspinall and Neil Lambeth, are located in London and already have orders for their clocks.

The idea began with Will Aspinall in 2006. Having no experience in craftsmanship and engineering, he constructed the first prototype out of beer cans and tape! Luckily Will met Neil, a special effects artist that later became his partner and technical craftsman with Aspiral Clocks. This is truly a story of 'dream' coming true and inspiring for all entrepreneurs with an idea and passion. 

As of now, the duo are busy designing and fabricating their orders out of a bedroom! They hope to one day partner up with a manufacturer for mass production to lower the cost of $545 to a more wallet friendly price for the general public.

I like the originality of this idea, but for $545, I think I'll sit this one out for now...

via aspiralclocks

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