Thursday, February 25, 2010

Apple patent for: iPhone Camera Gestures...

I would have to admit that I find it frustrating when I navigate a map in Google maps or browsing the internet when my fingers get in the way as I gesture swipe and pinch. There may be a solution to this on a future iPhone.

According to patentlyapple, Apple filed a patent that reveals the use of gesture controls of 'swiping' and 'tapping' the built-in camera on the back of the phone. Not only does this visually free the display from your fingers, it also opens a whole new realm of gesture controls.

(click image to enlarge)
For example, during access of a voice mailbox, the user may swipe his finger in the direction of the arrow 120 over the lens to rewind the playback of a voicemail message. The user may swipe his finger over the lens in the direction opposite the arrow to fast forward the playback of a voicemail message.
I'm curious to see when and if this will make it to a future iPhone...

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