Saturday, January 16, 2010

Wearable Sculpture Show...

This Gallery Night, in the Calatrava designed Windhover Hall of the Milwaukee Art Museum, the monthly event MAM After Dark, hosted the 'Wearable Sculpture Show'. Many of the pieces shown on the runway were designed and constructed from recycled materials such as: Coke bottles, Computer Keyboards, Garbage Bags, Anatomical Skeletons, Car safety belts and much more. It was inspiring to see a runway fashion show with the designs by local designers that brought beauty and style of the re-use of everyday objects. Great Job All Around...!

Co-founded in 1999 by George Sheppard, Brent Busdberg and James Allen, this event has made it a long way from the original much smaller venue within a tiny storefront. Producer and owner of the show, Sheppard had a few things to add:
With wearable sculpture, I love seeing the unexpected and unusual,” he says. “You wouldn’t imagine, for instance, a dress to be made of glass. Messing with people’s expectations and perceptions is what it’s all about.”
“This year’s show, in particular, really pushed the artists and audience to think about what we wear and what it is made of,” Sheppard says. “The unlimited potential of our discarded items or trash, if you will, could actually be used for something useful such as clothing. In this situation, fashion, as with art and sculpture, makes a comment that causes the viewer to think.”
With a spectacular show this year, I am looking forward in what they have in store for 2011.

Wearable Sculpture Show 2010

Designer: Allyson K Bahr

Designer: Sarah Meadors

Designer: Charles Dwyer

Designer: Vince Pelligrino

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