Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Spiraling Skyscraper Pod City For a Future London

Interesting concept for urban living... The design reminds me of the 'Human Farm' towers in the movie The Matrix. Although this is a design concept, it would be a bold architectural addition to the cityscape of London.

"Design team Chimera has conceived of an incredible series of spiraling skyscrapers for London modeled after the complex ecosystems created by the mangrove tree. Dubbed Mangal City, the project is an “urban ecological system” composed of modular pod capsules that shift to adapt to environmental and contextual conditions. A beautiful example of biomimicry and certainly a flight of fancy, the plan proposes a futuristic building system based upon flexibility."

"Featuring a twisting latticed frame reminiscent of Eric Vergne’s Manhattan skyscraper farms, Mangal City harnesses biomimetic principles borrowed from a range of sources. The skyscraper’s structure is modeled after mangrove trees, spiraling plant growth patterns, and the interaction of natural ecosystems."

"According to Chimera, 'our vision is to define an urban ecosystem which supports housing and cultural programs and has the ability to adapt, transform, mutate and adjust according to the specific urban and social character of the site'."

"Via Warren Ellis and Sucker Punch"


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