Saturday, January 16, 2010

Green Furniture Design Show 2010

Gallery Night in the Third Ward in Milwaukee is an quarterly event that hosts artists and designers in downtown art galleries and design firms.
One of the shows that caught public attention was the 'Green Furniture' exhibit at the Milwaukee Art Museum. This display showcased designers from across the nation that design and create furniture out of recycled and reclaimed materials.
These pieces of furniture were not only works of art on their own right, but they also provided an awareness of the beauty of recycling materials. There were chairs designed and constructed of rolled up newspapers, bicycle wheels, scrap wood/metal and even wrapped twine and string forming a sofa. Other pieces of interest were chairs that were cleverly constructed out of recycled wood and MDF (medium density fiber) board with minimal material waste in mind. Very creative and design intuitive...

Tanya Aguiniga
'Rock Sofa'
San Diego, CA

Uhuru Designs
Brooklyn, NY

Bike Furniture Design
Marquette, MI

De Sellers
Austin, TX

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