Thursday, November 19, 2009

Multitouch Dell notebook...

Looks like Dell beat Apple to the Multitouch laptop market... It's only a matter of time until Apple redeems themselves with the rumored Touch Tablet...

"There’s also up to 1TB of 7,200rpm HDD storage, GMA 4500MHD graphics (with discrete graphics an option) and WiFi b/g/n. Ports include several USB 2.0, a USB/eSATA combo, HDMI and DisplayPort, along with VGA and FireWire. The whole thing weighs a not-particularly-rucksack-friendly 7.08lbs.

All of that starts from $899 with a 6-cell battery, though expect to pay far in excess of a grand if you want a significantly faster processor. Still, the large-screen multitouch options are in short supply, so the Dell Studio 17 Touch is likely to find quite a few interested buyers." Slashgear

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