Friday, August 14, 2009

iRobot Military Robot

iRobot, the company that brought us the house cleaning robot Roomba are bringing us unmanned ground vehicles - UGV. Similar to the UAV, unmanned ariel vehicle, these radio controlled vehicles maneuver in tight, high threat areas on the battle field. They are equipped with a video camera, some with equipped artillery, the ability to climb stairs, and some even carry the ability to self detonate when cornered. The $40,000 Packbot version has a tough exterior casing that is durable to be thrown over walls and keep up with the rough the daily military abuse and environments. These military companions do not eat, get tired, and best of all are expendable compared to a human life. The Packbot's prototype has been first field tested over three years ago, imagine what the future holds for these devices...!
Future Combat Systems, FCS, put together this video of how robotics will be more of a presents on the battle field. With the increasing use of robotics on the field will decrease the number of human casualties in war. Check out the links below.

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