Tuesday, July 28, 2009

This Blue Rat May Have the Secret to Avoid Spinal Cord Injuries

Why is this Rat blue? What does this have to do with spinal cord injuries? Well, the secret is the Brilliant Blue G dye. It is a variant of Blue Number One, which is a common and harmless food coloring product found in products such as Gatorade.
Minutes after scientists broke the spinal cords of the rats by dropping weights on them, they injected the Brilliant Blue G dye into their bodies. Within weeks all motor skills returned to normal. Just one thing, their skin is turned blue...
How does this work? The Brilliant G dye prevented inflammation of the spinal cord. It blocks a molecule that floods the injury site and kills nerve cells. Maiken Nedergaard, a neurologists who is led the new study said, "This is not a cure...but for the patient it could be a big improvement."
Once they figure out the 'Blue Skin' issue, this is a big breakthrough worth trying on humans.

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