Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Apple media pad coming soon...?

The Apple Media Pad -or- The Touch Tablet may come out for a Holiday launch. Rumor has it that Apple is working with Verizon Wireless on touchscreen device measuring 9"-10". The images above are just mock ups.
Using Verizon as the carrier, the device may also have a keyboard when 'docked' and of course sport the touchscreen keyboard when on the go, similar to the iPhone and iPod Touch. The release of the Media Pad is speculated to be in line with the $300 netbooks used for communications and internet. The size was being compared to Amazon's Kindle 2 with a larger touchscreen, which like the iPhone and iPod Touch, will navigate music, photos, and HD videos.
If this rumor is correct will be seeing this out for the Holidays...

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