Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A True 'Card Table' - The House of Cards Table

I'm sure we have all seen or own a card table... but I'm sure it isn't anything like The House of Cards Table

Monday, March 2, 2015

Amazing Bridges From Around the Globe (11pics)

One of the greatest early creations built by man has to be the bridge...
The idea is very simple - build a connection from point A to point B overcoming an obstacle. 
Whether that obstacle is a body of water, a canyon or a road, these designs have evolved with imagination and technical know-how to become an incredible addition to the landscape around us.
...below are a few of the many amazing bridges from around the world.  

Very Cool: The Minimalistic "Myk" Clock. (video)

When I first saw the "Myk" clock, the flexible fabric face reminded me of the BMW prototype car GINA... Although just a prototype and still in the testing phase, the elegant design is sure to be  a hit with any modern contemporary home or lifestyle...  

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Have a News Tip You Wanna Share...?

Hey Everybody...!!! (yes, i'm talking to you)

I just wanted to step back and thank you all for being part of the laorosa community whether your a designer, creative or just curious of 'what else is out there'.... And a double 'Thanks' for all who have suggested the wonderful news tips and please....KEEP 'EM COMIN'... :)
...there are so many great stories out there from the latest in design, out-of-this-world gadgets, inspiring photography, innovations in science, latest creative trends, environmentally conscious design and much more.
I really do appreciate all of you readers out there and the news tips that you suggest...

Thanks Again!

Lopez Island Cabin (7pics)

The Lopez Island Cabin is a 1,300 sq foot 'cabin' located on a wooded bluff above Puget Sound and is far from 'roughing it'.... Designed by Stuart Silk Architects, this contemporary retreat will bring you closer to nature with all the modern/contemporary commodities in mind...  Check out incredible photos of it below:  

Here we go again: Unusual Bed Designs (10pics)

A while back we did a post with Unusual Bed Designs.... below are some more beds that are out of the ordinary... 

Saturday, February 28, 2015

This Singapore Home has Beautiful Curves (6pics)

Wanna see a house with curves...? 
Look no further with The Ninety7 House by Aamer Architects. This Singapore home takes modern contemporary to the next level and has an incredible pool to match...! 
-Check out more pics below:  

VIDEO: No Bike Lane? No Problem!

Do you get frustrated when your on your bike and there isn't a bike lane in sight? Not to worry with the Projector Bike Lane, because you can project a virtual bike lane wherever you go! 
...check it out in action below:  

Sunday, February 22, 2015

The 'Clever' Bang! Lamp... (video)

With the Bang! Lamp you can shoot the lights on and/or off with a gun-shaped remote... Not only does the lamp switch off/on for you, but it also tilts when shot at...! 
...watch the demo video below:  

Monday, February 16, 2015

How Cute... Kid's Guessing The Uses of Old Technology (video)

Technology develops and evolves so fast that even today's generation looks at what we had as kids like Paleontologists with dinosaur bones...
Below is a video of a group of French children handling and guessing the use of technology of the past 30 years, including the Game Boy, Coleco Vision, 8-Track Player and Floppy Discs to name a few. After watching this video you can't help but think what future generations will think of today's technologies of Multi-Touch Smart Phones, Tablet Computing, the Internet, Gas-Powered Vehicles and tying your shoes by hand.... 

Star Wars Characters Steam-Punked (10pics)

Happy Monday Everyone...
This is a great follow-up to a previous post we did about Steam-Punked Lightsabers....
The following illustrations by Bjorn Hurri, elegantly illustrate the characters from Star Wars with the steam-punk treatment. 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Bonsai Tree Forts...Wow!

If I could shrink myself, I would definitely want to live here. These miniature tree forts built right into actual bonsai trees by artist Takanori Aiba, truly define awesome... 

HISTORY: Steve Jobs and NeXT Team Brainstorm Their Beginnings in 1987 (rare video)

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to be in the same room with the visionary Steve Jobs, then please watch this inspiring 20 minute video. 

Sunday, February 8, 2015

News Report From 1981 About the Internet (video)

Remember the days before the internet...?? 
It's hard to remember a time where the news was read primarily through the daily newspapers and not instantly through online blogs and twitter feeds. Check out the news coverage video from 1981 (30+ years) of what they believe is the 'future' of online news publishing. 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Some May See Wrong Answers... I See Them As 'Spot On' (45+pics)

Kids can say the funniest things... teachers witness this first hand when they grade their 'hones't answers within their worksheets.
Check out the following answers kids give to the following questions. Some may see them as wrong, I see them as genius. 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Finally, A Decent Way of Hiding A Rowing Machine In Plain Sight (video)

This clever product may have solved a very important universal question we all ask, 'How do we hide a rowing-machine in plain-sight in the living room.' 
Patrick Saint-Martin's invention, the Ram & Row is simply a stylish end table that folds open into a handy piece of exercise equipment. Optimus Prime would be so proud... 
Check out a video of it in action below: 

We Need To Re-Think The History Of Archery (video)

You'll question how you perceive the history of archery and how it is portrayed in the movies...
(*ahem, sorry Legolas) Check out the archery skills of Lars Andersen as he demonstrates years of historical research of the art of archery.

Friday, January 23, 2015

NASA Testing Autonomous Helicopter For Exploring Mars (video)

NASA is adding areal-exploration to its arsenal of Martian rover explorers... Don't know about you, but I'm totally on board with this.
Check out the video below detailing the efforts put forth in this new direction of exploration: 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Cars vs. Sinkholes: And the winner is... (11 videos)

Like everything... nothing is permanent.
This includes the roads we drive upon and the spots where we park our cars. Without upkeep and maintenance, parking spaces that we take for granted can turn into a parking nightmare.
-Check out the videos below showing cars being (literally) swallowed up by the ground:

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Microsoft's HoloLens Look Very Promising (video)

Microsoft introduced today their latest innovative product and it looks very promising, called HoloLens. It's a wearable that succeeds where Google Glass has failed; by showcasing practical and professional uses of the product rather than focusing how it can be used on a public/consumer level by 'trying' to be 'fashionable'.
The video below hits both professional and consumer applications and looks very promising. Let's hope Microsoft, after their not well received Microsoft Band, hits this one out of the park.
-Check it out below: